Yoga For YOUR Body and Wellbeing

Help for those who feel challenged to begin, but want to benefit from the advantages a safely assisted Yoga practice can provide.

Yoga helps you to…

Experience Yoga the Therapeutic Way

Go zen yourself…to help optimize integration of mind, body and spirit.

A Tailored Yoga Practice

Utilizing my experience from 27yrs as a practicing physical therapistI can  help you find your optimal alignment in each asana based on your medical diagnoses and guided by my background in anatomy and biomechanics. 

Your personalized, safe yoga sequences will be developed based on your body, using breath as your guide.


Go Zen Yourself Yoga offers a safe yoga practice especially designed to work with those who want to focus on health and wellness, but feel limited or intimidated by a regular yoga class.


Let me help you get started with Yoga in the safest, way possible.